Guy's Story

When age 17, Guy felt pain in his knee whilst playing hockey.
A doctor assumed it was growing pains or a sports injury.
After 5 months of increasing pain and swelling he finally had a plain x-ray.
It was bone cancer, specifically osteosarcoma. Intensive, gruelling treatment began immediately.
A year later Guy was living life to the full at university, having fun with his friends and travelling.
He had been so shocked that there was no funding for vital research that he took on amazing sponsored personal challenges.
Sadly the cancer returned. He died age 23 determined that progress should be made for others.Guy’s charity aims to raise funds for vital research and to promote awareness of this devastating cancer which mostly affects teenagers and young adults. Read More

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Donating is quick and easy; we have several suggestions of ways you can donate via our website including by PayPal via BT MyDonate and via your mobile phone with JustTEXTgiving.

We are very proud that we have received Fundraising Standards Board accreditation which means you can “Give with Confidence”.

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Be Aware 

Find out details of the WHY GUY? CAMPAIGN where questions are asked about Causes? Lifestyle? Environment? Detection? Treatment? and Survival?and how the Fund intends to develop its Aims.

You can also view our S.I.G.N.S  Patient’s Checklist. You know your body better than anyone else, so it is really important that you tell your Doctor how you are feeling and what changes have taken place.

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Have fun fundraising on your own or with family and friends, at home, at school or at work.  Enjoy yourself and at the same time, raise money to fund vital research that will help to improve the life of those with bone cancer.

See if any of our ideas inspire you into action! Let us know if you can think of more fun ways to raise money and we will add them to the list.

Remember - we’re here to help and support you with your event so do get in touch and tell us about it at or call 01904 799151.

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